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NAPCO offers the best supplies, equipment and training for bathtub reglazing in the industryYour bath reglazing business can go a whole lot smoother with a professional company like NAPCO backing you up

Bathtub Reglazing Coatings

Put more money in your pocket with superior coatings from NAPCO. OurPolyGlass©320 low VOC coating is a good example. This coating is compliant with the new government VOC regulations, yet is as easy to use as conventional coatings. Not only that, but it is has 50% greater impact resistance and you can put the fixture back in service in 2 hours at normal room temperature. That feature alone can get you more customers. For more information on this and other great reglazing coatings please click here.

NAPCO Announces Reformulated Eco Friendly Topcoat – Consumers Love the Look and Savings of a Refinished Tub

North American Polymer Company (NAPCO) has reformulated its popular, eco-friendly, PolyGlass 320 tub, tile and counter topcoat. Poly-Glass 320 is low in volatile organic compounds (VOC).

May 07, 2014 — North American Polymer Company (NAPCO) has reformulated its popular, eco-friendly, Poly Glass 320 tub, tile and counter topcoat. Poly-Glass® 320 is low in volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Refinishers like it because it meets strict government guidelines for VOC’s. Homeowners like it because it is eco-friendly, has less odor than conventional coatings and they can shower two hours after application.

Originally released in 2010, NAPCO continued to refine the coating and has come out with a revised version.
This new coating is easier to apply while retaining other important characteristics

NAPCO Announces Gorilla Grip Wipe-on Primer – Revolutionary Product
Gorilla Grip, a new revolutionary wipe-on primer.

The bathtub, tile and counter refinishing business is very competitive.  (NAPCO) customers are saving 45 minutes or more using Gorilla Grip, a revolutionary wipe-on primer. By saving this time, some refinishers report they can fit in an additional tub at the end of the day and make more money.

The conventional process of refinishing a tub includes 4 steps just to prime the tub. The bathtub first needs to be etched using a liquid agent. The tub is then sanded and sprayed with primer. After spraying the technician needs to clean the spray gun with an oil-based cleaner. Finally, the tub can be sprayed with the new topcoat.

NAPCO developed Gorilla Grip wipe-on primer to save their customers 45 minutes or more on each tub.  Instead of a lengthy and messy ordeal, the refinisher simply cleans the tub, rinses and dries it, then wipes on Gorilla Grip primer. The entire process takes about 5 minutes.

Not only do refinishers like the ease of use, they require fewer chemicals to haul around and save on material inventory costs as well.

We stock the full range of materials needed. From cleaners to Top Coats. Get all your supplies from one source

320 Catalyst

Poly-Glass® 320 Catalyst

Mixes with any Poly-Glass 320 topcoat resin to give you great impact resistance and the durability to last for years to come!

Consult respective resin labels for drying times.

4 Hour Cure

Mega-Fast Poly-Glass® High Gloss Resin – Colours

Sets you apart from the competition and gives you extra profit. Perfect for one-tub home owners, hotels and apartment buildings that cannot have rooms out of service for 24 hours or more.

NAPCO’s proprietary aliphatic acrylic polyurethane provides amazing resilience to cracking during expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations. Unlike epoxy topcoats, Poly-Glass will not crack or yellow over time. Poly-Glass resin provides a surface that is harder than acrylic or enamel, yet flexible enough to withstand the impact of dropped objects. This resilience is essential to its durability and long wear. It also provides terrific stain resistance and colour retention, as compared to other types of bathtub coatings.

Each ½ gallon container of Poly-Glass resin weighs and amazing 1.5 lbs more than most other coatings on the market. This is due to the high solids content of Poly-Glass resin – an incredible 69% solids by weight. The higher solids content of Poly-Glass resin gives the topcoat greater ability to cover the old surface with less coating than with other brands, saving you more money. Each gallon of Poly-Glass resin provides enough material to spray up to 16 bathtubs.

Poly-Glass resin’s high Titanium Dioxide content provides whiteness, brightness and opacity and does not contain any cheap fillers. You and your customers will be thrilled with the super shiny 95+% gloss.

Poly-Glass is your topcoat of choice for bathtubs, sinks, tile, vanities, appliances, counter tops, and cabinets.

Gorilla Grip

Gorilla Grip™

NAPCO’s Gorilla Grip wipe on primer is unmatched in our industry. Simply clean the tub with our Poly-Cleaner, rinse and dry the tub, wipe on Gorilla Grip primer and save an hour or more of tough prep work on every job. It’s that simple.
Just imagine the time and effort you will save on each job – no more etching or sanding! No more working with dangerous etching products. Because Gorilla Grip wipe on primer takes the place of traditional etching and spray on primer, you will simplify your life and free up time to do more work each day, putting more money in your pocket.
Gorilla Grip was developed by NAPCO’s chemist exclusively for use in our industry and with over a year in the lab and over 1,000 tubs tested in the field, Gorilla Grip has pass all tests with flying colours and has quickly proven to be one of NAPCO’s most popular products.

NAPCO Gorilla Grip is designed for priming bathtubs and tile without etching or sanding. It’s the perfect primer for these types of surfaces:
• Porcelain
• Ceramic
• Fiberglass
• Acrylic

Napco 320 medium speed thinner

Provides maximum gloss. Refinishers are reporting no other thinner gives a shinier, smoother finish!
Lower VOC formula is not only compliant with federal VOC regulations, it’s also less toxic for the refinisher. You will notice the difference – less smell, less toxic means your job just got easier!

Napco All purpose thinner

NAPCO All Purpose Thinner is a blend of several extra pure thinners (reducers) specially formulated for product compatibility and optimum performance when used with NAPCO Poly-Glass™ topcoats and NAPCO Primers. This medium speed formula will help provide high quality and maximum gloss in most climactic conditions. Cheaper brands contain up to 10% water, which is not compatibile with solvent-based primers and polyurethanes – resulting in hard to repair solvent popping.

Don’t shortchange the importance of choosing the right thinner for your Poly-Glass™ topcoats and NAPCO Primers. The chemistry of thinners is critical to your success. Using a cheap thinner that is too “hot” can result in solvent popping. On the other hand, a thinner that is too slow can cause lots of hard to repair runs and sags, practically ruining your hard work. When you care enough about your work to choose the best quality resin and topcoat, shouldn’t you use the best thinner to go with it? NAPCO All Purpose Thinner is a proven winner!

Napco Antislip granuales

Do you know that you can offer your customers a high quality, slip resistant that looks like it was installed at the factory? Hotels, motels, health care facilities and homeowners, among others, will be be extremely pleased with the results of NAPCO’s Anti-Slip Granules.

Simply determine how aggressive an anti-slip surface is desired and add the proper amount of either 50 grit or 140 grit Anti-Slip Granules to the topcoat of your choice and roll it onto the floor of the shower or bath. It’s that easy!

Anti-Slip Granules provide you with amazing flexibility. By mixing the granules directly into the topcoat, you can give your customers an anti-slip surface that blends perfectly with the colour of their fixtures. You can make custom designs with Anti-Slip Granules. Apply the granules either before or after the topcoat. This product can even be applied when the bathtub is not being refinished!

NAPCO Anti-Slip Granules can be used on porcelain, ceramic, fiberglass or plastic showers and bathtubs. It is also great for use on steps, concrete or tile floors, diving boards, boat decks or any area that needs a slip resistant surface.

These polypropylene pellets are available in 2 grits – 50 grit and 140 grit.

NAPCO Epoxy Primer Catalyst

NAPCO Epoxy Primer Catalyst provides the Epoxy Primer Resin with just the right amount of hardness, without becoming brittle.

NAPCO Epoxy Primer gives the best adhesion possible on porcelain and ceramic bathtubs and tile.

NAPCO Extra Strong Etch

This super powerful formula effectively deglosses those harder to etch surfaces, like colored tubs and tile, in record time. No more standing around wasting precious time on the jobsite, waiting for the etch to work. Extra Strong Etch gives you a porous surface that your primer and topcoat can grab on to every time.

NAPCO Etch can be used effectively on porcelain, ceramic, steel, china and glass surfaces.


NAPCO Flint-Stone Multicolored Coating

Give your customers the granite look they want, at a higher profit margin than single color countertop jobs. This one-part coating is easy to apply and very forgiving. Mistakes are easy to hide. Countertops are back in service in just 24 hours.



Has been specially formulated to clean & prepare surfaces for Gorilla grip
and other primers before refinishing. It significantly improves the effectiveness of primer and works well on a variety of surfaces such as porcelain, marble, fibreglass, cultured marble and laminate.

Apply the Tub and Tile prep WITHOUT DILUTING onto a dry surface. Use a course scotch type pad in a circular motion to get the best cleaning results.

Polyclean must stay in contact with the surface no less than 5-10 mins while
cleaning takes place. Rinse surface with water and dry surface before priming.


Poly-Glass® 320 Stain No More Catalyst

Mixes with any Poly-Glass 320 topcoat resin to give you great impact resistance, extar stain resistance, and the durability to last for years to come!

Consult respective resin labels for drying times

Universal catalyst

Poly-Glass® Universal Catalyst

Mixes with any of NAPCO’s original Poly-Glass ® line of topcoats. Carry 1 catalyst and save money and storage space.

Not for use with NAPCO’s Eco-Series ™ line of Poly-Glass® 320 coatings

Consult respective resin labels for drying times.

Colour Dispersions

Poly-Glass® Colour Dispersions

We give you the flexibility to buy only the tints you need to create your own custom colors.