We offer two standard coatings

Mega-Fast Poly-Glass®

NAPCO’s proprietary aliphatic acrylic polyurethane provides amazing resilience to cracking during expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations. Unlike epoxy topcoats, Poly-Glass will not crack or yellow over time. Poly-Glass resin provides a surface that is harder than acrylic or enamel, yet flexible enough to withstand the impact of dropped objects. This resilience is essential to its durability and long wear. It also provides terrific stain resistance and colour retention, as compared to other types of bathtub coatings.


Each ½ gallon container of Poly-Glass resin weighs and amazing 1.5 lbs more than most other coatings on the market. This is due to the high solids content of Poly-Glass resin – an incredible 69% solids by weight. The higher solids content of Poly-Glass resin gives the topcoat greater ability to cover the old surface with less coating than with other brands, saving you more money. Each gallon of Poly-Glass resin provides enough material to spray up to 16 bathtubs.


Poly-Glass resin’s high Titanium Dioxide content provides whiteness, brightness and opacity and does not contain any cheap fillers. You and your customers will be thrilled with the super shiny 95+% gloss.


Poly-Glass is your topcoat of choice for bath, sinks, tiles, vanities, appliances, counter tops, and cabinets.


The Poly-Glass 320 coating from NAPCO is a greener, VOC compliant coating that allows the customer to “shower in 2 hours” after you recoat their bath. With this product, you can advertise that you use eco-friendly bath paint with a fast turnaround time for your bath resurfacing/refinishing services.


In addition to the low VOC rating, Poly-Glass 320 products have the following advantages:


• Fast dissipating odour: Not only is the odour not as strong as in

   other bath paint, but it will dissipate much faster.


• Impact resistance: This coating has 50% greater impact resistance

   than other bathtub coatings which will help it last longer.


• High gloss: When applied correctly, this coating has higher gloss.


• Dries to touch in 4-6 minutes: This coating dries to the touch within

   4-6 minutes of application which makes the bathtub refinishing job

   faster and reduces the risk of dust and runs in the coating.


• Fast drying: Because this coating dries so fast, you can remove the

   masking paper and caulk sooner.


• Shower in 2 hours: Your customers will be able to use their shower

   or bath again within 2 hours of your service. This is a great selling



• Cures with infrared heat lamp: This coating does not require UV

   curing which is expensive and hazardous to your safety. It can be

   cured with a safer and less expensive infrared heat lamp. You can

   also use the infrared heat lamp to fix any imperfections before you

   leave, reducing call-backs.

Poly-Glass 320 coatings are ideal for refinishing baths, sinks, tile surfaces, and countertops. The low VOC rating of our Poly-Glass 320 products has made them NAPCO’s fastest selling coatings in our 30 years in the industry.